Tattoo. One simple word. This may seem like no big deal to some and a huge deal to others. Tattoos to some are a way to display their creative side and is looked as, as an art. You see people with one or two tattoos and you see people covered in them. Some may whisper behind ones back about how tattoos are bad. Well who are they to judge? Does having a tattoo make you a bad person? Not necessarily. But yet again you hear comments being made about those who do have tattoos and how many they have.

“Oh they are probably a drug dealer”

“I wonder what their parents must think”

“What a waste of a good body”

“That is so unprofessional”

“They are harming their body beyond belief”

“Who would hire a person that looked like that”

The list goes on and on. People are always quick to judge someone. But why? It isn’t their body so why should they care what someone else does to it? I say it’s their body and they can do what they want. It doesn’t concern me. Getting a tattoo may send a message to the outside world about the person inside you. Today, it can be perceived that you have negative characteristics—that you are a freak, a weirdo, an outlaw.There are probably hundreds of reasons why someone may get a tattoo. To name a few: some get them as an appreciation of art, faith, family or culture.

Andrea's Tattoos

Andrea’s Tattoos

My two little sisters, who aren’t very little at all – they are ten months younger than me, have five tattoos each. I on the other hand, only have one and one is all I will ever have. For my sisters and I, each tattoo has a meaning or a story behind them. My sisters first tattoo they got with their best friend. After that they just continued to keep getting tattoos.

In January, 2014, one of my best friends wanted to get a tattoo. She made an appointment and asked me to go with her. She was getting an owl in memory of her grandmother placed on her lower back. I was planning on getting a tattoo in April or May if I worked up the courage. I had had my tattoo planed for years now, just never got it. Well Erin convinced me to get it in January with her. So I did. She went first and then it was my turn.


My First and Only Tattoo

My tattoo was placed on my ribcage. I know, it is supposed to be one of the most painful places to get a tattoo. I figured this was good and it would make me never want another one again. But honestly it wasn’t as bad as everyone had made it out to be. I didn’t even flinch. Like my dad always says, mind over matter. The scariest part was listening to the little machine make loud noise as the tattoo artist tattooed my body.

I love that my tattoo is on my ribcage because I can cover it up and still show it off when I want to. My parents were surprised that I actually got a tattoo. They thought I would be to chicken. I got a dandelion that turns into four birds. This represents my family (my dad, mom, and two sisters) and I now always have them with me. I have a saying

underneath that says “Let faith be your wings”. I don’t know why, but I just love this saying. It

Mariah's Tattoos

Mariah’s Tattoos

means so much to me and it felt like a good idea for my tattoo. Although my parents were okay with me getting a tattoo my boyfriend on the other hand wasn’t as happy. He said that I ruined my perfect body. But the thing is, he has a huge tattoo that covers almost his entire back. So that didn’t really make sense to me. He has definitely gotten over it now. Tattoos are for some people and not for others. Remember there may be different reasons for people to get a tattoo and I don’t think thats any reason to judge them.Who cares if someone else doesn’t like it. It’s not their body and they don’t have to look at it everyday.

I absolutely love my tattoo and thats all that really matters.



  1. I love tattoos personally and I only have two right now. I think it’s important not to judge based on how they look but when it comes to tattoos that’s something we choose to show others. It’s different from our clothes or jewelry that we can just take off. Our tattoos are a part of us. I have my fiance’s name tattooed near my hand. I know that some people think it’s crazy to get a name but I’ve had it for a year and I’ll have it forever, which is as long as I’ll have him, forever. A tattoo is a special thing, to me it’s a committment and it’s very personal, always.

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