Woof Woof

I have always been a dog person. When I was going into kindergarten we got a dog and named him Tucker. He was a mutt, which means he was a mixture of more than one breed. He was my best friend in the whole world. When I was in second grade Tucker passed away. I remember crying for almost a week straight. As a young girl this was rather traumatizing.

Half way through the third grade we got our second dog and named him Hunter. He was a mix between a Lab and a German Short Hair. We quickly became friends. I used to dress him up in my doll cloths and my dad would get so mad. Sometimes I would share my ice-cream cones with him taking turns to lick the ice-cream. Yeah, I know, it sounds pretty gross but I am still alive and kicking today. My Senior year at SMSU Hunter passed away shortly before Thanksgiving. It was pretty tough for me. It was so weird going home at Thanksgiving and not having him greet me at my car. I will never forget him.

Okay, enough of the sad stories, I would rather remember them as the fun and loving dogs that they were. Now that I am getting older I really want to get a puppy. Ah I fall in love looking at pictures of puppies online. Not to mention most of my friends have or are getting puppies. I told my boyfriend that we need to get a puppy. At first he didn’t think it was a bad idea. Then he realized we didn’t agree on any specific type of dog. See I would love to get a German Short Hair, but he absolutely refuses to get one. So we go back and forth between what we like and dislike. He has never had a dog before, his parents have always had a cat. I would never be able to have a little dog. They drive me nuts. The little ankle biters and yippy little things. Ahh they are so annoying.

The more recent talk about getting a dog though is we have to wait until we both graduate. He will be done with classes in December 2014, and I will be done student teaching in May 2015. We are both super seniors and cannot wait to be done with school. Anyways, then he decided that maybe we should wait until after we get married and maybe have a baby before we get a dog. That’s like 6 years away. That’s a long time. So he is all over the place. See I could wait to get a dog after we both graduate. That wouldn’t bother me one bit because I need to focus on school on the mean time. But waiting about 6 years to get a puppy, ahh I don’t think so. We will see what happens.

puppy 1    gs    puppy 2


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