Spaghetti and Meatballs

spaghettiA mound of pasta smothered in homemade spaghetti sauce topped with giant meatballs, now what isn’t there to love about that? To make the perfect meal there are a few tips you should use. Planning ahead of time is the most important. What day you will be making this dinner needs to be decided beforehand because it takes hours to get ready. Another important thing to know is how many people this meal is being prepared for. The recipe I know feeds up to four people.

meatballsAt least three hours before you plan on eating, the meatballs need to be prepared. Start by getting a rather large bowl, because the ingredients must be mixed together before actually forming the meatballs. The first ingredients into the bowl should be: a pound of ground hamburger and an egg. Next, add 15-20 finely crushed saltine crackers into the bowl with the hamburger and the egg. Since I am gluten free I do not use saltine crackers, instead I use rice. I think they taste about the same. In order to add a little flavor to the meatballs, shake both of the salt and pepper shakers about four or five times over the bowl.

It is important to make sure all of the ingredients are mixed together very well before moving on. Following the previous step, you should start forming the mixture into balls that measure about two inches and place them into a pan with a little olive oil. Once you are finished, set the temperature on the stove between medium and high, and cook the meat balls for 25 minutes or, until they are cooked all the way through.

spaghet sauceWhen the meatballs are fully cooked, the sauce needs to be prepared. A fairly large crock pot will be needed for this step. Take one jar of spaghetti sauce and pour it into the crock pot. (I usually use my mothers homemade spaghetti sauce but any store boughten sauce will do.) At that time, take the thoroughly cooked meatballs and place them in the pot with the sauce. The pot will need to be turned on medium heat for at least three hours. This will help mix the flavors of the sauce and meatballs together giving you an ideal taste. Also, you do not want to put the sauce on high because you do not want the sauce to bubble and boil. The high temperature will cook your sauce way too fast and form a layer of burnt, crusty, hard sauce. Also if you cook the sauce too fast, it does not give the meatballs enough time to marinate in the spaghetti sauce. For that reason, be sure the crock pot is set on medium heat while cooking the sauce.

heartlandddAbout 10 minutes before the sauce is done, the noodles need to be cooked as well. This way, all of your ingredients for the spaghetti should be ready at same time. You may use whatever brand of noodles you care for. I use the brand “Heartland” which is a gluten free pasta.

The first thing that should be done before you start cooking is to set the temperature of the stove, on another burner, to high heat. Then, set a pot half full of water onto the burner and wait for the water to boil. Once the water is boiling, turn the heat down to a medium temperature and pour in your desired amount of noodles. Every few minutes, or so, the noodles need to be stirred in order to help prevent the noodles from sticking to the bottom of the pot.

noodlesAfter about 10 minutes, the noodles should be tested in order to see if they are cooked. To do this, use a fork to grab a noodle, run the noodle under lukewarm water and then eat it. If the noodle is still a little bit hard, then wait a few more minutes and test them again. If the noodles are soft, and not sticky, then they are ready. However, if the noodles are sticky, they have been cooked for too long. Once your noodles are cooked, pour out the excess water and place the noodles into a bowl because they are ready to be served. Finally, stir the spaghetti sauce and place the pot on the table along with a big ladle. Do this because now the spaghetti sauce is also ready to be served.

Lastly before eating, set your table accordingly to the amount of people you will be feeding. All that is needed are a plate, a fork, a cup for something to drink, and an appetite. Now that everything is ready, you can sit down and enjoy your astoundingly prepared meal of spaghetti and meatballs.



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